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Just for the Record (JFTR ) was a weekly cable access television show on Cox Cable channel 49, in New Orleans. It was one of New Orleans' first LGBT-themed television shows, and covered both local and national topics of interest to the gay and lesbian community.

Produced by Valda Lewis and Loretta Mims, the show first began airing in 1987. Mims left the show in 1990, and Lewis continued production until 1993. The shows began as 30 minutes programs but soon extended to 60 minutes. In addition, a monthly newsletter was published and mailed to over 2,000 community members, and distributed at LGBT businesses to promote the program.

In 1993 Lewis also produced a live call-in show called "Queer Street Live", hosted by Judith Wenger and Chip Lohner, which ran for thirteen weeks.

With funding from the LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana, the Amistad Research Center digitized the Just for the Record programs.

Below are some clips from the Valda Lewis collection.

To view the full archive of Just for the Record episodes at Amistad's Vimeo channel, CLICK HERE

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