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A Timeline of Gay Carnival

Compiled by Frank Perez

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1949    Steamboat Club’s Lundi Gras Luncheon debuts at Brennan’s Restaurant

1958    Krewe of Yuga, New Orleans’ first gay Carnival Krewe is founded

1962    Krewe of Petronius is founded

1962    Yuga ball is raided

1963    Arthur Jacobs presents the first Bourbon Street Awards at the corner of Bourbon and Dumaine Streets

1965    Krewe of Amon-Ra is founded

1968    Krewe of Armeinius is founded 

1969    Amon-Ra presents 1st Miss America Pageant

1970    Mystick Krewe of Apollo debuts at Monteleone; 1st gay ball presented in a hotel

1971    Krewe of Olympus debuts; 1st gay ball presented at the St. Bernard Civic Auditorium

1972    Mystick Krewe of Apollo is the 1st gay ball to be held at the Municipal Auditorium

1976    Mystick Krewe of Apollo de Lafayette is founded

1977    Mystick Krewe of Apollo/Birmingham debuts

1977    Mystic(k?) Krewe of Celestial Knights (KOCK) is founded

1977    Academy of the Golden Goddess, Inc. (AGGI)/New Orleans debuts presenting annual awards show celebrating gay Carnival clubs

1978    Mystick Krewe of Apollo (Shreveport) is founded

1979    Police strike cancels parades in New Orleans; patrons of Charlene’s & the Golden Lantern take to the streets as the Krewe of Cancellation

1980    Police cancel Krewe of Cancellation parade because they have no parade permit

1981    Mystick Krewe of Apollo (Baton Rouge) is founded

1981    Krewe of Ishtar, the 1st lesbian krewe, is founded

1982-3 Edd Smith hosts Bourbon & St. Ann St. Awards; no Bourbon Street Awards held

1983    Krewe of Polyphemus is founded

1984    Lords of Leather, the 1st leather krewe, is founded

1984    11 gay Carnival krewes present balls, a record in New Orleans

1984    No Edd Smith or Bourbon Street Awards

1986    Bourbon Street Awards resumes & moves to St. Ann & Burgundy

1987    Krewe of Queenateenas debuts, presenting 1st Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss

1991    AGGIs ends

1992    Petronius, Amon-Ra, Armeinius & Lords of Leather present only gay balls in New Orleans

1993    Krewe of Barkus is founded

1994    Krewe of Queenateenas crowns 1st King Cake Queen of Gay Mardi Gras

1999    1st new gay Carnival Club since 1984, Krewe of Mwindo, is founded

1999    Lundi Gras Luncheon celebrates 50th anniversary

2000    Le Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras Avant debuts benefiting AIDS service organizations

2001    People of Substance's Krewe of Anubis is founded

2002    Bourbon Street Awards returns to Bourbon & St. Ann Streets

2002    Petronius celebrates 40th anniversary

2003    Krewe of Satyricon is founded

2003    Krewe of Queenateenas celebrates 10th King Cake Queen Coronation

2004    40th Bourbon Street Awards presented

2005    Amon-Ra celebrates 40th anniversary

2006    Petronius celebrates 45th anniversary

2007    Queenateenas celebrate 20th Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss

2008    Armeinius celebrates 40th anniversary

2008    Lords of Leather celebrates 25th anniversary

2008    Queenateenas celebrates 15th King Cake Queen Coronation

2009    Bourbon Street Awards returns to Bourbon Street 

2010    Amon-Ra celebrates 45th anniversary

2012    Petronius celebrates 50th anniversary

2013    Queenateenas celebrates 20th King Cake Queen Coronation

2014    50th Bourbon Street Awards 

2015    Krewe du Rue Royale Revelers is founded; names first 12th Night Grand Reveler

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