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Timeline of LGBT+ History in New Orleans

Frank Perez


1724                First written reference to homosexuality in New Orleans

1805                Sodomy outlawed in Louisiana

1848                Walt Whitman lives in New Orleans

1848                Gaston Pontalba designs cast-ironwork on Pontalba Buildings

1876                Tony Jackson born

1922                William Spratling moves to New Orleans

1930                George Dureau born

1933                Café Lafitte opens

1939                James Booker born

1940                Frances Benjamin Johnston moves to New Orleans

1946                Tennessee Williams writes A Streetcar Named Desire

1949                Dixie’s Bar of Music relocates to Bourbon Street

1953                Steamboat Club founded

1955                NOPD Superintendent declares homosexuals “Number 1 vice problem”

1958                Krewe of Yuga founded; birth of Gay Carnival

1958                Fernando Rios murdered in Pirate’s Alley

1958                Mayor Morrison creates “Committee on the Problem of Sex Deviates”

1958                Tony Bacino’s raided six times

1960                New Orleans chapter of Daughters of Bilitis founded (year is approximate)

1961                Krewe of Petronius founded

1962                Tee Corrinne attends Newcomb College Institute

1963                John Rechy’s City of Night published

1965                Krewe of Amon Ra founded

1967                Claw Shaw charged in the JFK assassination

1968                Krewe of Armeinius founded

1970                Gay Liberation Front local chapter founded

1971                GLF holds a “Gay-In” at City Park

1971                Barbara Scott runs for House of Representatives

1971                New Orleans Metropolitan Community Church founded

1972                first Southern Decadence party

1972                Tulane University Gay Student Union founded

1973                Up Stairs Lounge arson

1973                Gay People’s Coalition founded

1974                Gay Services Center founded

1975                Gertrude Stein Society founded

1977                Anita Bryant protest and march

1977                Charlene’s opens

1977                Impact founded

1977                Serial killer murders four gay men

1978                Faubourg Marigny bookstore opens

1978                Pink Triangle Alliance hosts city’s first Gay Pride rally

1979                Gayfest founded

1980                Louisiana Lesbian and Gay Political Action Caucus (LAGPAC) founded

1980                First Gay Pride Parade in New Orleans

1981                First Louisiana State Conference held at the Country Club

1982                Ambush founded

1982                New Orleans chapter of PFLAG founded

1982                New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus founded

1983                NO/AIDS Task Force founded

1983                Lords of Leather founded

1983                Celebration founded

1985                Lazarus House opens

1987                Krewe of Queenateenas founded

1988                AIDS Memorial Quilt displayed in New Orleans

1989                Forum for Equality founded

1990                ACT UP New Orleans shuts down Loyola Ave. to protest lack of AIDS funding

1991                City Council passes non-discrimination ordinance

1991                Women With a Vision founded

1992                Lesbian and Gay Community Center of New Orleans founded

1993                Belle Reve opens

1993                Oz opens

1994                New Orleans Bears and Bear Trappers Social Club founded

1995                Louisiana State Museum sponsors panel on gay and lesbian culture

1997                J.B. Harter’s Encounters With The Nude Male published

1998                Krewe of Mwindo founded

2002                Krewe of Satyricon founded

2002                Cavaliers Motorcycle Club founded

2003                Saints and Sinners Literary Festival founded

2006                GrrlSpot founded

2011                BreakOUT! founded

2012                Last lesbian bar in New Orleans (Rubyfruit Jungle) closes

2012                Renegade Bears of Louisiana founded

2013                Last Call: Dyke Bar History Project founded

2013                Krewe of Narcissus founded

2014                LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana founded

2014                Club New Orleans closes

2014                Louisiana Equality Foundation founded

2015                New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders (NOAGE) founded

2016                Krewe de la Rue Royale Revelers founded

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